About Us

In the fast-evolving world of business, specialized personnel recruitment has become a highly-skilled,essential discipline for gaining competitiveness. It requires expertise, diverse skills, professionalism and a  commitment to ethical business standards, that our team at Bankprofile, possesses. We pride ourselves in  completing a full needs analysis profile, insuring our team understands your business expectations.  Our  exposure to the banking and financial industry gives us a unique overview of the wide range of corporate  culture variation in the sector, allowing us to screen potential candidates more thoroughly to fit your  environment.

We integrate our outsourcing capability and consulting expertise to enable you to attract, engage and retain the right talent.

In the process , we apply and provide an equally extensive range of expertise, which include preparing the job specification, remuneration advice, sourcing and identifying likely candidates, no matter how specific, arranging advertising if the need requires, pre- interviewing, making assessment and recommendations, and assistance in contract negotiation.

Our specific focus and single-minded objective is to provide the most comprehensive talent acquisition solution and we have always stood by this philosophy.

We are committed to confidentiality and long term relationships with you, characterized by unique dedication and exceptional service. Furthermore efficiency, thoroughness, lateral thinking and achieving results are at the core of our corporate values and way of thinking. We believe that we should not be compensated for the job we do, but ultimately on the results we accomplish.